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The Black-Tie Brotherhood

By Financial Advisors For Financial Advisors

"Welcome to the most life enhancing program designed for financial advisor men."

Grow Your Business

Expand your financial advisory practice through training, collaboration, partnerships and resource sharing with our community of top producers.

Evolve As

A Man

Get in touch with what it means to be a healthy modern man by learning ways to enrich your life mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Get in


A man that is in touch with himself has the keys to the world. Join our workshops on personal growth, spirituality and expand beyond just wealth.

Play on

The Edge

No one likes a boring man, regardless of how successful he is. We create radical adventures for successful men to bond, heal and grow.


Connect With Top Performers

We only allow top-performing financial advisor men in this brotherhood. By being a part of this tribe, you will inherit a consistent flow of business growth ideas, tools, and success principals. Our culture is one of collaboration, generosity and brotherhood, and not competition. We facilitate workshops and help create partnerships between our members in order to develop deep bonds, exchange of ideas, tools and success strategies from top performing financial advisors in the industry. Our goal is to give you a significant rate of return on your membership fee within the first 3 months of joining us.

Most financial advisors operate on an island. They work hard and have to figure it out all on their own. In addition, most advisor men have spouses, families, and employees to take care of which causes them to have massive burnout. We find that our community of men have way higher quality of lives in addition to more profitable businesses because our tribe promotes and supports conscious living and business growth. Our members benefit from a plethora of classes, workshops and collaborative opportunities to grow their businesses while they elevate their quality of life through emotional, mental and spiritual practices which we provide through professional facilitators and teachers.

Grow Your Practice


Evolve As A Healthy Man

As a top performing financial advisor burn-out is often your worst enemy. We believe in growing your empire in a healthy, heart-centered and balanced way. Creating a financial practice that brings your joy, rather than one that depletes you. Our community of men prioritize quality of life over all else because we know that a healthy man is one that can be the best provider for himself and for his family. Our organization promotes healthy masculinity and wealth. 

Radical Adventures

  • Jump off of helicopters and experience your masculine edge

  • Sit with tribes and awaken your spiritual essence

  • Go on "Black Box" Adventures in epic places around the world

  • Exchange life hacks at our Annual Summit

  • Participate on curating radical experiences for other members

  • Bond with other ambitious advisors just like yourself

Helicopter Jump.jpg
  • Deepen your connection with yourself and your inner knowing

  • Learn self love at the deepest level

  • Build a spiritual connection with your partner

  • Understand self care as a modern man

  • Build rituals that will benefit your business and your marriage

  • Create a heart centered financial firm

  • Connect with your employees and clients on a deeper level

  • Create deeper bonds with men like yourself

Spiritual Growth

Mindset Training

  • Overcome burn-out and isolation as a financial advisor

  • Get heart-centered accountability and overcome procrastination

  • Get out of the "lone wolf" mindset

  • Learn sales psychology, body language and image control

  • Collaborate with other producers to solve your business challenges

  • Learn conscious leadership skills that will empower you at work

  • Uncover your gifts as a healthy man, at home and at the office


Emotional Awareness

  • Learn to connect with prospects from the heart

  • Create instant intimacy with people around you

  • Increase your emotional courage at work and at home

  • Heal your relationships with through play instead of pain

  • Connect with your employees from a place of authenticity

  • Build deep bonds with other  heart-centered financial advisor men

  • Deepen your emotional intelligence through our classes

  • Become a more playful man

Conscious Wealth

  • Grow your practice with less stress and struggle

  • Heal your relationship with money

  • Identify and release money traumas

  • Handle money issues at home and with your spouse

  • Develop conscious employees who are loyal to you

  • Create partnerships with other men who are on your path

  • Collaborate with other successful advisors and grow

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We are a conscious brotherhood.
Join our program, attend our sessions, and if you are not extremely satisfied, request a refund.



We are an invite only community.
Please do not enroll unless you have been invited.