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Who the F* is Solay Rad?

He's a bad ass heart-centered dude on a mission to enhance the lives of men.
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My name is Solay Rad. I am an Iranian refugee who came here with nothing but hope and ambition. After 25 years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice I built a financial advisory firm and became a consistent million dollar income earner. My success did not come easy. Just like you, I struggled alone with some of life's toughest challenges, from surviving war, to bomb shelters, to pornography addiction, cheating, sexual shame, loneliness, family issues, legal challenges to name a few. I got myself to this point through hard work and brute force, just like you I suppose, but it came at a huge cost. I had mastered the skill of making money, but the rest of my life was in disfunction.

After 20 years of intense personal development and over $500,000 spent on coaches, trainers, healers, and shamans I finally discovered the keys to becoming the healthy powerful man that I have always dreamed of. So, I decided to create an exclusive men's community to give away the collection of my life's tools and knowledge in hopes of helping you move from struggle to success, from trauma to triumph, and from stress to satisfaction so that you can avoid all of the pain, struggles and challenges that I went through alone. 


I designed the Men of Means® community based on the pillars of what every healthy man desires: wealth, partnership, spirituality, and healthy sexuality. I have gathered some of the most unique and talented men's coaches from around the world who lead with their hearts and purpose in this field. I trust that this program will help you realize that you are not alone and that your challenges are solvable with the support of your brothers.

You may have seen him on the news.

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