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Refund Policy

We are one of the few personal development companies in the world that offers a 100% money back guarantee. We do this because we want to stand by our word and offer world class transformation to all of our customers.  Below are the details of our refund policy:

In order to be eligible for a full refund, you must:

1. Attend all sessions of the class or program. Our programs are comprehensive and very life changing and that is why we stand behind our money back guarantee. If you pay for a program and you don’t show up, our money back guarantee does not apply.

2. 72 Hour Rule. All money back guarantee requests must be submitted within 72 hours after the class or program has commenced. Please note that money back guarantee requests must be in writing and clearly asking for money back, and not just a complaint about the program. 


Please send all requests to [email protected]

Please note that the above only applies to programs that have a 100% money back guarantee in writing.  Not all of our offerings have a 100% money back guarantee. 

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